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Original Counted Cross Stitch Designs

"Snow Garden". Model is stitched on a 32 count, Twilight Blue Linen by Wichelt. Total stitch count is 155w x 70h.

See list of floss required on my Etsy listing.

"All Is Calm". Model is stitched on a 40 count, Raw by Newcastle linen. Total stitch count is 157w x 115h.

"Give Thanks"

Model is stitched on a 40 count, Legacy by Picture This Plus.

Total stitch count : 101w x 102h

Floss: DMC 407, 3021, 3864, Lancaster Red and Oscar by Weeks Dye Works.

New Release! " Witch's Night Out"

Model is stitched on Belfast, 32 count, Haunted by Picture This Pluse. 

Total stitch count: 108w x 110h


"Spring is Hare". Model is stitched on a 40 count Fog by Picture This Plus. Total stitch count is 115w x 102h. Floss used are DMC 310, 640, 720, 834, 927, 3021, 3046, 3773, 712 or use Wisper 60, Gentle Arts Shaker, Brethren Blue, Baby Spinach, and Rose Garden.

Item No.0216

 "On Friendship". The model is stitched on a 40ct., Fog by Picture This Plus. Total stitch count is 119w x 102h. Floss used are DMC 310,372,640,834,3021,3773,3841, 712 or use Wisper 88, Gentle Arts Shaker Brethren Blue, Baby Spinach, and Rose Gardern. DMC 3768, 7050, 7068 equivalent to the Gentle Arts floss.

Item No. 0116

Welcome to my Website of Original Counted Cross stitch designs.

For Thee

"For Thee" is a Quaker inspired motif project with shades of red and pink It can be finished as a pillow, framed or as a bag as shown in the "Just CrossStitch" magazine, February 2016 Issue. The total stitch count is 85h x 182w.

"Gathering Acorns". The model is stitched on a 14count Cashel, Vintage Country Mocha. Total stitch count is 93w x 90h. (6-5/8" x 6-3/8" on a 14 ct. fabric). Floss used: DMC 3021, Gentle Arts Sampler: Old Covered Bridge (2 needed), Buckeye Scarlet,Maple Syrup,GA Shaker: Autumn Leaves (2 needed), Portabella and Toffee. 1 Skein each except where 2 is indicated.

"Barefoot Days- Summer" is stitched on a 40 count, Fog by Picture This Plus. Total stitch count is 46w x 109h for one slipper. Floss used are by DMC: White, 150, 472, 581, 598, 726, 830, 930, 3023, 3051, 3787, and 3864. Stitch used are cross stitch and backstitches. Finishing instructions are included with the chart.

Soon to be available at your Local Needlework Store.

"Bee Sampler" is a Quaker inspired sampler with a bee theme and a perfect companion to "Save The Bees". The sampler is stitched on a 40 count, color Mello by Picture This Plus. Total stitch count is 188w x 84h. Floss used are Kohl by Weeks Dye Works, Mustard Seed and Sunflower by Gentle Arts. DMC equivalent are 310, 832 and 972 respectively.

"Save The Bees" is stitched on a 40 count, Mello color by Picture This Plus. Total stitch count is 167w x 166h or 8-1/4" x 8-1/4" using a 40 ct. fabric.

Floss used are 3 skeins of Kohl by Weeks Dye Works, 1 skein each of the following:GA Sampler, Blueberry, Poppy, GA Shaker; Mustard Seed, Baby Spinach and Sunflower. DMC equivalent are 310, 161, 956, 832, 936 and 972 respectively.

"Welcome Spring" is stitched on a 36count, color Sand, Edinborough Linen. Total stitch count is 165w x 81h or 9-1/8" x 4-1/2" on a 36 or 18 count fabric. Floss used are 1 skein each of Gentle Arts Sampler: Avocado, Flax, Gentle Arts Shaker: Old Blue Paint, Harvest Moon, Uniform Blue, Rose Garden, Vintage Lace, and Pecan Pie. DMC floss equivalent are, 3013, 3782, 932, 728,3768, 3685, 152, 3021 respectively.

"A Happy Halloween" is stitched on a 32 count,"Picture This Plus", Murky. Total stitch count is 227w x 63h (14-1/8"w x 4"h). Embroidery floss used are: Gentle Arts Sampler: Slate, Ohio Lemon Pie, GA Shaker: Fragrant Cloves, Raven, Chalk, Garden Gate, DMC 208 and 907. Use 3 skeins of Raven and one each of the other floss.

"The Witch" is stitched on a 32 count, Lakeside Linen, Vintage Sand Dune. Total stitch count is 108h x 108w. Floss used are GA Sampler: Cinnamon, Carrot, GA Shaker: Ohio Lemon Pie, Chalk, and Onyx. DMC equivalent is 434, 971, 3822, 3865 and 310 respectively. One skein each needed and 2 skeins of Onyx (310). This design is part of a Halloween "Witch" series. The other titles are, "Witch's Brew" and "Old Witch Mary". They all have the same stitch count.

"Needle & Thread". Model is stitched on a 30 count fabric by Weeks Dye Works, Parchment. Floss used are by Gentle Arts Sampler, Dried Thyme, Clover, Hibiscus, GA Shaker, Cidermill Brown, Wood Trail, Toffee, Carriage Black. DMC equivalent is provided for the chart. Total stitch count is 153 x 157.

"Selina Chown, 1822" is a reproduction sampler. The model is stitched on a 35 count, Straw fabric by Weeks Dye Works. Floss used is by DMC. Skeins needed are 2 skeins each of DMC 304, 503, and 830; and 1 skein each of 730, 3857 and 3859. Total stitch count is 170w x 229h.


"Be Mine" is stitched on a 36 count, Sand color; Edinborough. Total stitch count is 156w x 81h ( 9-1/8" x 4-1/2"). The total stitch count for the small pillow is 79w x 56h stitched on a 40 count Goldfinc by R&R Reproductions.

Floss used are by Gentle Arts shaker: Straw Bonnet, Chamomile, Tin Bucket, Briar Rose, Raspberry Frost, Endive, WheatFields and Pecan Pie. An alphabet chart is provided to customize your sampler.

"Stitch Often" - Third in a series of "Verses for Stitchers"

"Stitch Often" is Third in a series of "Verses for Stitchers".

Total stitch count is 105w x 150h. Model is stitched on a 40 count, Lambswool Linen by Wichelt Imports. Floss used are GA Sampler: Brandy, Highland Heather, GA Shaker: Apple Cider, Weathered Barn, Cucumber, Endive and Pecan Pie.

"A Contented Stitcher"- Second in a series of "Verses for Stitchers"

"A Contended Stitcher" is second in the series of "Sayings for Stitchers". The model is stitched on a 35 count, Parchment by Weeks Dye Works. Total stitch count is 111w x 152h. Floss used are 2 skeins of "Freedom" by GA Shaker, 1 each skein of the following:GA Shaker ,"Apple Cider", GA Sampler;"Brandy", DMC 356 and DMC 3712.

Verses for Stitchers- Verse 1 & 2

"Verses for Stitchers - Verse 1&2" is stitched on a 40 count, Confederate Grey by Weeks Dye Works. Design stitch count is 103w x 105h (5-1/8" x 5-1/4") and 79w x 81h (3-7/8" x 4") on the smaller sampler. Floss used are by Gentle Arts Sampler; Hibiscus,Flax, Fisherman's Wharf, and Gentle Arts Shaker; Old Blue Paint, Freedom, Toffee, Endive and Faded Rose. Two charts are included with an Alphabet chart to customize your sampler. A DMC list equivalent is also provided.

Peacock Sampler

"Peacock Sampler" is stitched on a 40ct. Belfast Linen, color is Sandstone. Total stitch count is 169w x 166h, or 8-3/8" x 8-1/4" on a 40 ct. fabric. I used 3 and a half skeins of "Brethren Blue" by Gentle Arts Shaker. The DMC equivalent floss is 924.

Old Witch Mary

"Old Witch Mary" is stitched on a 32count Belfast; color is Thunderstorm. Total stitch count is 108w x 108h (6-3/4" x 6-3/4"). Floss used are by Gentle Arts Sampler 0180,0420,0840, Gentle Arts Shaker 7008, 7026, 7054, 7063,and 7067.

Witch's Brew

"Witch's Brew" is stitched on a 32 count Belfast, color is Thunderstorm. Total stitch count is 108h x 108w; 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" finished size.

Floss used are by Gentle Arts Sampler 0420, Gentle Arts Shaker 7026, 7033, 7054,7063 and 7067 (2 skeins reqiured).

A Mother's Love

"A Mother's Love" is stitched on a 40 ct.,Newcastle White fabric. Design stitch size is 134w x 130h (6-5/8"w x 6-1/2" h.



With The Needle

With the Needle

With the Needle is a sampler stitched on a 32ct. Belfast Linen, Smokey White. Full cross stitch, half , one over one cross stitches and backstitches are used on this sampler. All floss are by DMC except for the water using (Aqua)WDW.

Customize your sampler in the "Home" section with the year established on your home. Also, add your initials in the "year" and the year you finish your project.

Total design stitch count is 326w x 146h.


See "News & Updates" for list of DMC Floss for this project.


This sampler was inspired from a quote by John Taylor, 1634 from the book; "Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers", compiled by Albarta Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg.


"Flowers, plants, and fishes, beasts, birds, flies and bees,

Hills, dales, plants, pastures,skies, seas, rivers, trees,

There's nothing near at hand or farthest sought

But with the needle may be shaped and wrought."

John Taylor, 1634




Join Your Hands II

Join Your Hands (Second version)

"Join Your Hands II" (Second version) is a wedding sampler that allows you to customize your sampler.An alphabet chart is included.

Model is a 156w x 179h stitch count (9-3/4" x 11-1/8") stitched on a 32ct. Antique Ivory by Belfast Linen.

Embroidery floss used are 3 skeins of "Raspberry" by Weeks Dye Works and 4 skeins of "Claret" by The Gentle Arts, Sampler threads.

The Bird Sings (Cat. No. 0811)

"The Bird Sings".Model is stitched on a 30ct., Antique Cotton by R&R. Stitch count is 89w x 157h (6" x 10-3/8").

Floss used is by Weeks Dye Works: Cocoa, Deep Sea, Kentucky Blue Grass, Whiskey, Turkish Red, Kohl and Lucky.

Text: "The little bird don't choose to rest. Their little tongues at morning blest. Their words of thanks ne'er fail to rise. As soon as light comes to the skies. In forest tall on each green tree; the bird sings in ecstacy."

This is a hymn verse Mennonites and Brethren sang in Pennsylvania which presents the act of praising God.

This is quoted from "The Gift is small, the Love is Great" by Frederick S. Weiser.

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